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Liberalization of the Polish natural gas and power market allowed for establishment of liquid wholesale market. It gives the opportunity for industrial companies to optimize its long-term gas and power procurement costs as well as gives the potential for sales companies to develop natural gas as well as power sales to final customers located in Poland.

Taking into consideration Trend Group scale as well as range of business activities – the strategy of the Group assumes long-term optimization of gas and power procurement costs by managing its physical portfolio and therefore minimalization of the potential commodity risk impact on the basic activities of the Group.

Furthermore, along with the planned transformation of the energy sector in Poland as well as in Europe The Group assumes reducing its emission footprint due to minimalization of the coal-based power consumption. Therefore, PV investments as well as low-emission power generation units will be done. Moreover, Trend Group plans to invest in innovative solutions in the area of hydrogen as well as oxygen production which would support local society transformation in respect to economic and environmental background.

Acquired vast experiences in the area of energy sector allow for long term transformation of the Trend Group as well as for building solid presence in respect to sales of natural gas and power to industrial customers as well as SME.

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