For customers

TES offers natural gas and power sales to customers located in Poland. Our offer is flexible and corresponds with risk appetite of our customers.

Fix price – the customer signs fix price agreement and reduce the market risk of natural gas or power (duration of the agreements from 12 to 48 months),

Index price – the customer signs index price agreement connected to any index quoted on the Polish Energy Exchange, if the index price goes up the commodity price goes up but if the index price goes down the energy or natural gas price goes down as well.

Mix price – the customer signs hybrid price agreement which allows for flexible hedging both MW or % part of its consumption profile.

For producers

TES offers power buy-back services from power producers. If you have your own generation source and have no time to manage and optimize your energy flows this offer is created for you. We offer:

Fix price – we could hedge your exposure for up to 5 years along with fix price quotations. We could also offer prepayment mechanisms for power that will be produced in future.

Index price – we could buy your energy based on any index quoted on the Polish Power Exchange

Mix price – we could hedge your exposure for up to 5 years with additional buy/sell flexibility.

CSS hedging – we can hedge your clean spark spread i.e., natural gas procurement, power sales as well as emission rights at the same moment for given time in future.

For wholesale partners

TES is looking for trade partners active on the Polish as well as European commodity markets to promote trading and increase liquidity of the markets. We work on EFET based agreements.

For investors

TES is looking for equity investments in the area of energy sector in Poland. If you wish to join our projects of if you have an idea but lack equity, please let us know.

Business consulting

TES offers many services in the area of energy sector:

Scheduling and balancing – you can join our balancing group or we could manage your flows for you.

Certificates – if you are green power producer, we could help hedging your certificate market exposure.

CO2 emission rights – we are able to buy/sell or collateralize your CO2 exposure.

Green energy balancing – we can manage your physical output from your PV.

PPA agreement – long term PPA agreement, we help organize long term partnership counterparty, in such case TES is balancing your physical flows.

Questions? contact us

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